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Breaking to Become: Embracing Pain and Resilience for Growth

by Jim Lunsford

Running in place, stagnated, stuck. The ghosts of a past I can’t shake off clutching my every step. I feel the slow fracturing, the chipping away of the person I was or maybe the person I thought I was.

An invisible enemy is after me, maybe fear, maybe doubt; it’s relentless. With each passing day, the vibrancy of my spirit seems to fade just a little. It’s raided my heart and mind, stripping away every last vestige of certainty. The only remnants are the scars carved deep into my soul.

Waiting in the shadows, there it is. It’s expecting, even hoping, for my failure. The pressures and weights keep mounting, pushing me down, attempting to bury me in a sea of despair. But I will not let go. I will not surrender.

But here’s the twist: pain, struggle, and adversity – are the price of strength, resilience, and growth. Yes, I’m running in place. Yes, I have a past I can’t erase. Yes, I’m breaking apart. But breaking is just the first step towards rebuilding, stronger and wiser. I won’t numb the pain; I will embrace it. I won’t hide behind a disguise; I’ll face myself, and the world, honestly. The games, the hell, the prices are the cost of living, growing, and becoming.

In this seeming chaos, I have found my order. My pain has become my fuel. I won’t get away from it; I’ll grow through it. I will keep running and fighting until my place is no longer stationary but forward-moving. Until my past is not an anchor but a beacon and until I am not breaking but remaking.

This is not a story of despair but resilience. Not a tale of loss but gain. Not of endings but beginnings. A story of a fighter, a survivor, an overcomer.

-Jim Lunsford

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